Month: March 2015

Sex Toy Guide: Cocks Rings

Sex Toy Guide: Cocks Rings

Sex Toy Guide: Cocks Rings

A lot of men are familiar with sex toys – at least in passing. After all, we all know that they exist and that a lot of people have fun using them. However, knowing where to start if you’ve never owned any or don’t have much experience with them can be pretty difficult for the average man.

One of the best ways to start buying sex toys is to keep it simple. That’s where cock rings come into play. Keep reading if you’re curious about cock rings and are considering buying one for you or your partner.

Benefits of Cock Rings

Many men use cock rings because they can help them maintain an erection for a longer period of time. For men that have erectile issues, cock rings can make sex much more fun and less embarrassing for them and their partner.

Many men also claim that using a cock rock during sex gives them a larger erection, which they find enjoyable. Some men also claim that cock rings make it more difficult to orgasm, which can actually be beneficial if prolonging sexual activity is the goal.

A lot of men also believe that cock rings make their penises look more attractive to their partners.

Try One Out

Being curious about using a cock ring is normal, and if you’re comfortable with your partner there’s no reason not to try one out. When you first buy one, get one that’s adjustable in size to make sure you get the appropriate fit.